Most Shocking thing on Big Brother 17

The most shocking thing on Big Brother 17 is the smoking that they allow. You do not see it on any other tv show. Cigarette commercials were banned from tv in 1970 and since then actual smoking disappeared from soap operas, dramas, police shows, etc.. You would still see Someone smoking on a tv movie but never on a sitcom or talk show. the last Person that smoked on a talk show was probably Johnny Carson and that was early in His career.
So, yes, I found it shocking that Jason (the small gay guy) has been smoking on every episode. Jeff was also smoking but He got voted off Wednesday, the 16th.

Does CBS not feel any obligation to young viewers? Do they not think there are young gay People that might look up to Jason and see Him smoking and think that is cool?

50 cent reportedly worth less than 50 cent

Curtis Jackson III has filed bankruptcy but do not panic if You are a 50 cent fan this bankruptcy is chapter 11 which is just putting creditors on hold. Chapter 11 is what is used to hold off creditors but it usually means that the Person filing has intentions of paying those creditors and the protection gives 50 cent time to reorganize His finances. Curtis Jackson has huge earning potential in movies, endorsements and of course His music. Do not worry that You will not see Him anymore, if anything, You might see more of Him. He had some lawsuits go against Him in the past few years and this bankruptcy filing is likely a move to negotiate with each of those cases and then He can get back on track. At one time He was worth 270 million and still carries hundreds of thousands of dollars on Him, this is all just some reorganization, nothing more. He is one of the most marketable celebrities on the market right now so His future is very bright.

Bachelorette, Kaitlyn is hated more than Juan Pablo


ABC’S Bachelorette, Kaitlyn is hated more than Juan Pablo if social media hateful remarks are the deciding factor. It takes a lot to overtake the hatred that was shown for Juan Pablo but Kaitlyn has been able to achieve that.
Are there People that still believe in this show? Of the over 30 bachelor and bachelorette shows there are only a few couples that lasted off air for more than two months but this show still draws huge ratings. Does a type of Person like Kaitlyn draw more audience from hatred than a good girl would? Sadly, Yes, the more hatred the better the ratings. As You can see on most of the Bachlorette postings, People say they are going to quit watching but none have quit watching, they are “going to quit”. This reminds Me when of when a group of guys go to a strip joint and all compete for the one girl that has all her teeth and they get so mad at each other as they try to win her affection (lap dance). Then the stripper takes them in the VIP room and gives them each a happy ending but tells each one of them that she didn’t like the other guys and she didn’t even rub against them. Then at least two guys fight in the parking lot and the cops are called but Everyone runs like hell. the next day, they all say, what the fuck were we fighting over a WHORE for and they all fall out laughing! As the day goes on they each keep remembering how gross she was and they laugh harder and harder.

On “Men tell all” Chris read out loud some of the tweets that happen to be on this page and made the audience feel sorry for the Bachelorette. It is true that She is being bullied but What message is ABC sending to young girls with this trashy show? And the reason the show is trashy is because the girl they picked is trashy.

Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer video sending wrong message?

Demi Lovato has had well documented emotional problems, mostly about Her weight. She has gone on Worldwide tours and preached to young Girls to love themselves the way they are. Her struggles with Her weight are over for now and now She has a new song that totally goes against everything that She has been preaching the last 5 years. Now She is on Her game, thin, in shape, hot, so Her song reflects that. The lyrics are suggestive about Her body, the body She struggled with is now the body She is exploiting. What message is She sending? If You are hot, You are cool for the summer? What if You aren’t? What is Kelly Clarkson? Un-cool for the summer? Who doesn’t love Demi Lovato? The whole world wanted her to get over Her body issues and just be healthy but now She is following the norm and putting all Her worth on being cool for the summer because of Her looks. As much as so many girls look up to Demi Lovato, this is disappointing. The real role model for young girls might be Kelly Clarkson.

Ariana Grande sorry She got caught saying “I hate America”

Ariana Grande was caught on video licking donuts in a donut shop and heard saying “I hate American’s, I hate America”. The police are looking into the donut licking incident and charges may be filed. Ariana is a pop star that gained national exposure when Her gay brother Frankie stared on Big Brother. Before Frankie stared on the popular tv show most of America had never heard of Her, insiders say that She was not really ready for the exposure that Her brother brought to the family and this donut licking, America hating is just signs of stress. The 22 year old singer has cancelled Her performance at the MLB All Star Game, Demi Lovato will take Her place. Ariana could face Terrorist charges for tampering with food meant for public consumption. The donut shop has already been punished by the health department for leaving the donuts in the reach of Ariana Grande. The terrorist charges are rarely filed but the act of licking donuts definitely could fall into that charge, the fact that She has a very famous Brother will most likely get Her off on a much lesser charge.

Erin Andrews boy toy makes deal to get out of jail time

Erin Andrews boy toy makes deal to get out of jail time by doing community service in Las Vegas.

Jarret Stoll was arrested in April of this year when He was found to be in possession of Cocaine and Molly’s. Cocaine is commonly used to liven up a party and Molly’s are used for making Girls want to have sex. Actually both drugs together are known for being at sex parties. Erin Andrews had to be embarrassed not just that Her boy toy was arrested but what His intent was when arriving at this party full of very hot, Young Girls.

Jarret a hockey player is better known for being the cougar toy of Andrews faced four years in prison, the sentence that 99 percent of the public would have gotten but the judge was smitten with Him and gave Him a sweet deal. He is not even going to be on probation after His community service is finished. And what is His community service? Teaching kids how to play hockey. It is unclear if the much older Andrews is still with Jarret, the two have not been seen together lately.

Holly Madison slams Hef in book, “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Holly Madison had some harsh things to say about Hugh Hefner in Her new book “Down the Rabbit Hole”. It seems that Her once good friend Kendra Wilson has taken Hef’s side. In the book Holly said that Hef had 7 girl friends and they all had to compete with each other. She even said that She was made to feel “ugly” because of all the pressure from so many Girls coming into the picture over and over. This from Someone that is arguably the most beautiful Woman in the world. Some may not agree with that but most People would put Her in the conversation when speaking of all time beauties.

ABC picks loose Women on purpose for the Bachelorette

Kaitlyn Bristowe was picked by the production team at ABC because they had a good feeling She would have sex at the drop of a hat and they were right! A good Girl does not make for good ratings. the slurping and other sexual sounds made by Kaitlyn made many want to vomit but You had to keep watching, You kept thinking She was going to bust out of that room and fall out laughing but She never did. She just kept on having sex and all the mothers and daughters watching together were disgusted and embarrassed.

Just 10 years ago this type of behavior would doom a Girl for life, but in today’s unfortunate times hooking up at a drop of a hat is more acceptable. What about the rest of the show, She has to pick Nick, right? Who would take Her now? Would Nick say yes? Why would He, He already got what He wanted.

Caitlyn Jenner enjoys first Father’s day as a Woman

Wearing a long dress and high hills the newly transitioned Woman, Caitlyn Jenner enjoys a day of off-roading. That all seemed normal in this not normal situation but what didn’t seem normal was for Anyone to wear a dress to drive a dune buggy. Looks like Kourtney and Kylie were missing from this family photo.