Rough Sex

Remember when two Girls kissing was a huge deal? Not eating pussy, just kissing, yes, that was a long time ago, long before the internet. Now with the internet Everyone is trying to one up each other for shock value. Remember when You saw the first shaved pussy? A shaved pussy was only something You saw in a porn magazine, definitely not on the Girl next door or Your Wife. Now, try to find a Hairy pussy on Anyone under 40. And You might have noticed that now all the guys in porn are shaved. So what is the newest fad in porn? Ass Fucking is the newest fad in porn. this is causing a lot of problems for females, the ass was not meant to be stretch out over and over. Now many Women are wearing butt plugs so They do not leak and the ass fucking isn’t really even enjoyable to most Women. Is getting Choked while getting fucked really enjoyable? What more can be done to the Human body before We have nothing left?

Can it really be enjoyable for girl to have a cock down Her throat while getting from the other end at the same time?


Ass fucking seems to be the newest fade in porn, remember when no girl would even consider it?
Women have always been able to type faster than Men
An Asshole the size off the Grand Canyon defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?
It ain’t cheating if it’s in the ass, right?
The problem with a lot of ass fucking is now You have to wear a plug Everyday, otherwise Your lunch could just fall out

Tie Her Up then be gentle with Her?

What is this asshole trying to say?

Woman gets revenge on ass fucking Man

Sometimes the pussy just stinks

Reach in the box and get a surprise! SHIT!

Now, that’s a thick cock. He could clear the kitchen sink with that.

Is this Woman cuming out Her ass?