A Pandemic Of Entitlement And Laziness | Ep. 774

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, there are ten million jobs open in this country right now because employers are finding it impossible to coax the unemployed off of their couches. I want to talk about this crisis, and also share some of the stories from these business owners, so that we can all understand what they are up against. If you think our country has an entitlement problem, wait until you hear this. Also, an elementary school in Atlanta is under fire for instating racial segregation. They literally had black classrooms and white classrooms. Plus, Larry Elder is running for governor of California. He’s a reliable conservative, very outspoken, which is why his answer about trans bathrooms was surprising. And the health chief down in Australia has warned the people of that country that they must avoid all conversation in public, because conversation can be deadly. I hate small talk as much as the next guy, but this seems to be overboard.   

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