A Time Capsule Of Wokeness | Ep. 793

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00:00 – Opening
02:07 – A Time Capsule Of Wokeness
14:19 – Matt Thanks The Angry Internet Mob Over The Female Sports Reporter Controversy
15:37 – Secretary Blinken Scolds The Taliban For Not Being As Inclusive As Promised
18:32 – Leftist Woman In Gorilla Mask Throws Egg At Larry Elder
23:22 – AOC Explains How Men Can Menstruate
28:27 – Howard Stern Supports Vaccine Mandates And States “F*** Their Freedoms”
32:53 – NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Blames Hurricane Ida Floods On Humanity
41:08 – Reading The Comments
45:10 – Demi Lovato Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, one of the largest and oldest Confederate statues has now come down in Virginia. But it is what they plan to put in its place that really tells the story. Also, the State Department continues to issue stern verbal warnings to the Taliban over their lack of inclusivity. And Larry Elder is physically attacked by a crazed leftist in a monkey mask. And Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has made her scientific case for why men can menstruate. We will hear her out. Maybe she makes a good case.

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