Women are Guilty of Sexual Harassment Also Especially in Hollywood

Okay, I have never been in show business but how is it that I can come up with the most common sense solution EVER? Here it is:
No Man or Woman shall Ever meet with ANY director, producer, a writer without an Agent or chaparrón. If the actor or actress goes Rogue they may not complain and They cannot make a contract for work. put this in process @rosemcgowan

The reason this has not been added to the Actors Union rule of conduct is because the actors do not want to make this legal or common sense, they want to be able to control these powerful Men, the only complaints are when the powerful man does not come through with His promises. So what if the Actor is told to come to the room of a decision maker and that decision maker is attractive? They most likely have sex and No One is the wiser expecially the Wife or Husband of the actor or the Hollywood Mogul. What if the Powerful Person is repulsive? THEN You tell on Him.

These Women that have sued or even complained about the “powerful Men” should be sued themselves by the Women (and even some Men) that lost jobs because They did not do the dirty things that these skank Women did.

Plenty of fantastic actors are doing soaps and commercials but these sluts are taking all the big screen roles because they are willing to have sex with repulsive Men like Harvey. I am looking forward to talented actors taking place of the Women that go to a Hotel room and enter that room even though the Person answering the door is naked or near naked attire. Acting like They do not know what is expected is really really insulting to Real and honest actors.

Actors that had sex with these powerful Men are somewhat guilty and the actors that did the right thing should be compensated. It is time to sue the Skanks!

How about Rape?
If You are EVER forced to have sex against Your will that is called RAPE, call the police immediately and keep all evidence untouched. Remember EVERY detail. Rape is very different than the office flirting, it is forcing of sex against Your will.

How much do Celebrities Donate

We require politicians to show their tax returns and financial statements but We never ask Celebrities that We might Worship for their’s, right? Why do We care? I care because if I buy a tune off of Itunes for Katy Perry and I see Her blasting the Government for Something She could fix with Her millions, I think She should fix it Herself.
It is time for multi millionaires to fix a lot of the problems that America is facing.

For instance: the Texas Flood: We should all ask Our favorite Celebs to donate big money to the Red Cross or other Charities that can help the People in Texas. Why should the Government fix all our problems? We have to help each other. Did You buy a Katy Perry Song? Well, She now owes You some explanation for what She is going to do with the money. My suggestion is put pressure on all big money earners to donate at least 30 percent of Their income after they earn the first million. Who needs to live on more than one million per year? Do they need a 50,000 sq foot house? A 500,000 dollar Car? They can still do that, I just want Us to bond together and demand that We get some of the money back that We gave them. Every time the Government pays for a disaster, it comes out of Your pocket, We need to stop this.

Social Media is a gold mine to fix this problem. Tweet Your favorite or least favorite Celebrity or Big Earner and ask them to prove that they are supporting Charity in at least a 30 percent over one million way.

Why One million? Well, 100,000 or even 500,000 can be a break even salary and those People should do what most People do and donate 10 percent but once You surpass one million dollars in a year, You should be held accountable for Your support for the community. I am not suggesting that the Government change Tax laws to make high earners pay back, I am suggesting that the Public insist on Their hero’s to step up and give back for all We have paid them. Shouldn’t Kylie Jenner donate 5 million this year? She made well over 15 million doing nothing but waiting for Us to watch Her do nothing. Shouldn’t Kim Kardashion build a School and keep it running by donating millions per year? I hate that very few want to give back, the greed is absolutely gross.

tweet Every celeb You know this link

Please quit calling People that are getting paid to help flood Victims “Heros” they are making good money, even time and a half money, they are thrilled to make bank. There are times that the National Guard, Coast Guard are Heros, like when they are risking Their lives but in the flood situation there is no risk of life, it might be uncomfortable but it is not life threatening. Lets call the People that are Heros the People that are not getting paid, the private Citizens that are wading through water to help People, the ones that have used Their Boats to Rescue People and gotten NO MONEY for it. Some of these boats are hitting debris and damaging Their boats, no good deed goes unpunished. And the worst of the Worst are Celebrities, asking common People to Donate but We have no evidence they donated ANYTHING. Ask the Celebrity like Ellen to show She donated at least one million. How about Dale and Amy Earnhardt, Show me the proof that You sent 1 million (at least). Asking common People to donate but You have given a few thousand? LIke the rest of Us sending 45 cents? HOLD these Hypocrites accountable. All NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS superstars can donate one million each as well as we can 100 dollars, lets shame them to prove they have done so. No Longer Should We require the Government to go broke when these Celeb’s have became rich because of all of US, They could not have been Rich without US and it is Their time to GIVE BACK. Call out Everyone You follow on Twitter that is mega Rich to take complete responsibility to FUND this Flood without Government Help.
JJ Watt
Katy Perry
Barack Obama
Asking Us to donate? First Prove You donated more than one million then I will put in my 10 dollars.

When Someone like Amy Earnhardt who married into 100’s of millions ask Me to donate it makes Me sick. How much did SHE donate? Ask Every hot shot that ask You to donate to prove what They donated. Please reply on EVERY request that You receive from a Celeb or millionaire to SHPW proof of their HUGE donation. We can beat these elitist if We work together.

Negative Trump ads not working

Crooked Hilary Clinton supporters have launched vicious attack ads against the future POTUS, Donald Trump. She can say She didn’t launch them but She could stop them if She didn’t approve of them. The ads are paid for by the super-pacs but they are clearly Clinton supporters. Trouble for them is the ads are so poorly created that many People just change the channel without even listening to the whole ad. This is something that the stations need to think about, because the other day I flipped off of CNN to go to fox news because of this stupid ad but about 30 minutes later fox was showing the same commercial so I flipped to ABC. Let it be known that I am the average watcher and when I See a stupid or annoying commercial I flip to another channel and sometimes I forget to come back. The more I see of these attacks on Trump, the more I love Him.


The Trump Train is going to reach the White House, but We are making plenty of stops on the way to share the story with all great Americans.

Danica Patrick has new sponsor but more importantly has new Yoga pose

Okay, this week the headline is suppose to be Danica Patrick signs with new sponsor Nature’s Bakery and You can read all about it here but while People were searching to see Who the new sponsor was they were commenting more about Yoga than NASCAR. And just look at the pictures and see why. This Girl is amazing, now I understand how She is so good driving a 3500 lb car at tracks that No Woman would be expected to drive all alone much less at top speed with 42 other cars around. She has excelled at Daytona and People said that was because it is mostly a mental track but She is better than the majority of the Men in Her sport at Darlington and similar tracks that have the most physical demands and now We know how and why.



Yoga, such a discipline between using strength to get where you want to go, and then letting go. Kinda like life I guess?!

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Who do You trust to run America?

Who do You trust to run America? It is a question that Everyone will have the chance to answer this year and next. A very large group of Republicans will fight for the chance to run against Hillary Clinton to run this Country, Yes, She has some competition but there is no reason to even give that any consideration. The Republican field is definitely going to tighten up before a candidate can be decided.

The U.S. Government is the biggest business in the world yet People decide on Who will run it based on How They like that Person, not how They think that Person could run the “Business”. The business is in very bad shape, worse than broke, way worse. Yet, the business that is broke is still loaning money to other Countries and handing out money like it was in great shape, like it was making a profit. Have You ever compared a U.S. Government agency to a Private business of the same size performing the same function? A good example is a government prison that losses millions of dollars vs a privately run prison that actually saves the government money even after the private company makes a very nice profit. Or the Veterans hospital vs a private hospital. The care is much better at the private hospital for much less operating cost.

It is time to hire the top CEO available to get America out of bankruptcy. Yes, Bankruptcy, if the Government was treated like a business it would be officially bankrupt. What CEO in America could fix this? What CEO would waste hundreds of millions of His own money to run for President? Who would give up the earning potential of at least one billion dollars during just one term as President?

Who would You pick to run Your Personal business? Your family business? One that is in trouble, was once great but is now floundering on the verge of collapse?

Forget about the tech guys like The creator of Facebook or twitter, they both did a horrible job running their companies, they both had to let others run it. They both had great ideas but had no idea how to run a company. The People that can run a Country are tough negotiators and know what People to put in position to make sure every segment is profitable. Who would You pick on this list:

  • Bill Gates
  • Warren Buffet
  • Marcus Lemonis
  • Donald Trump
  • Lori Greiner
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Larry Ellison
  • Mark Cuban
  • Kevin O’Leary
  • Christy Walton

It would be a very difficult decision to pick one Person from the list above. I think any of them could turn America around but the problem is there is only ONE on the list that has volunteered to do so. He isn’t the most likable on the list but if You are going to pick Someone to run Your Company do You want them to save Your company or be likable? Remember, Your pick is to save Your company not America, the Person would be saving Your future not Anyone else’s. Once You make that decision, make the same decision for Your Country.

donald trump standing in front of the white house saying i have big plans for this place

Dwayne Johnson’s Ballers picked up for second season

dwayne johnson on set of ballers
Dwayne Johnson is playing His best role ever

The second season for Ballers is scheduled for Summer 2016 most likely in July. HBO has not put a definite date on it yet.

Spencer Strasmore played by Dwayne Johnson is the star of this HBO comedy drama about a star NFL player that joins a financial firm after His football days are over. Johnson is clearly the star of this show but it is filled with a great supporting cast as well. Tune in on Sunday nights to see new eposides on HBO. This is arguably Dwayne Johnson’s best role of His very successful career, it feels like it was custom made just for Him and they put a story around Him. He is in His most natural acting environment of any role He has played. Who knew “The Rock” could be this funny?




Earnhardt Junior wins Daytona but big wreck squelched celebration

Dale Earnhardt Junior might have had His most dominate win of His career but You would have never known it watching Him in Victory Lane. He was visibly shaken because He could see all the carnage in His rear view mirror as He crossed the finish line. Austin Dillion’s car went upside down and into the catch fence. Three spectators were being attended to with minor injuries but all drivers were able to walk away with only jitters. Most drivers were still in shock as they were interviewed after the race. Junior’s car never touched another car all race and is the same car He won with early in the year at Talladega.

The video below is the actual end of the race where Dale Earnhardt Junior passed over the finish line. All Hell broke loose in His mirror at that exact second.

This slow motion video shows the 3 car of Austin Dillon in the flipping process

Another angle shows the 3 car of Austin Dillon slamming into the catch fence

The video below shows the 3 car of Austin Dillon in real time slamming into the catch fence

wreck described by Steve Latart

Jimmie Johnson reacts to the wreck

Most Liked Photo on the internet in history belongs to Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner reached the 2.4 million count on June 26, 2015 at 4 et. How far will it go? It has set the record already how far will it smash it? The record was held by Big Sister, Kim Kardashian and Kendall didn’t waste time telling Her about Who is now top dog. The photo She beat out was the wedding photo of Kayne and Kim. It is only fitting that the only professional model in the family now holds the record liked photo.

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Gays celebrate all over the USA today after Supreme Court decision on gay marriage

Gays, Lesbians, transgenders, Bisexuals of all colors and ages are rejoicing in the decision that was handed down today, June 26, 2015 by the Supreme Court. That decision of course is that same sex couples can marry in EVERY State in the Union.

Holly Madison slams Hef in book, “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Holly Madison had some harsh things to say about Hugh Hefner in Her new book “Down the Rabbit Hole”. It seems that Her once good friend Kendra Wilson has taken Hef’s side. In the book Holly said that Hef had 7 girl friends and they all had to compete with each other. She even said that She was made to feel “ugly” because of all the pressure from so many Girls coming into the picture over and over. This from Someone that is arguably the most beautiful Woman in the world. Some may not agree with that but most People would put Her in the conversation when speaking of all time beauties.