How much do Celebrities Donate

We require politicians to show their tax returns and financial statements but We never ask Celebrities that We might Worship for their’s, right? Why do We care? I care because if I buy a tune off of Itunes for Katy Perry and I see Her blasting the Government for Something She could fix with Her millions, I think She should fix it Herself.
It is time for multi millionaires to fix a lot of the problems that America is facing.

For instance: the Texas Flood: We should all ask Our favorite Celebs to donate big money to the Red Cross or other Charities that can help the People in Texas. Why should the Government fix all our problems? We have to help each other. Did You buy a Katy Perry Song? Well, She now owes You some explanation for what She is going to do with the money. My suggestion is put pressure on all big money earners to donate at least 30 percent of Their income after they earn the first million. Who needs to live on more than one million per year? Do they need a 50,000 sq foot house? A 500,000 dollar Car? They can still do that, I just want Us to bond together and demand that We get some of the money back that We gave them. Every time the Government pays for a disaster, it comes out of Your pocket, We need to stop this.

Social Media is a gold mine to fix this problem. Tweet Your favorite or least favorite Celebrity or Big Earner and ask them to prove that they are supporting Charity in at least a 30 percent over one million way.

Why One million? Well, 100,000 or even 500,000 can be a break even salary and those People should do what most People do and donate 10 percent but once You surpass one million dollars in a year, You should be held accountable for Your support for the community. I am not suggesting that the Government change Tax laws to make high earners pay back, I am suggesting that the Public insist on Their hero’s to step up and give back for all We have paid them. Shouldn’t Kylie Jenner donate 5 million this year? She made well over 15 million doing nothing but waiting for Us to watch Her do nothing. Shouldn’t Kim Kardashion build a School and keep it running by donating millions per year? I hate that very few want to give back, the greed is absolutely gross.

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Please quit calling People that are getting paid to help flood Victims “Heros” they are making good money, even time and a half money, they are thrilled to make bank. There are times that the National Guard, Coast Guard are Heros, like when they are risking Their lives but in the flood situation there is no risk of life, it might be uncomfortable but it is not life threatening. Lets call the People that are Heros the People that are not getting paid, the private Citizens that are wading through water to help People, the ones that have used Their Boats to Rescue People and gotten NO MONEY for it. Some of these boats are hitting debris and damaging Their boats, no good deed goes unpunished. And the worst of the Worst are Celebrities, asking common People to Donate but We have no evidence they donated ANYTHING. Ask the Celebrity like Ellen to show She donated at least one million. How about Dale and Amy Earnhardt, Show me the proof that You sent 1 million (at least). Asking common People to donate but You have given a few thousand? LIke the rest of Us sending 45 cents? HOLD these Hypocrites accountable. All NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS superstars can donate one million each as well as we can 100 dollars, lets shame them to prove they have done so. No Longer Should We require the Government to go broke when these Celeb’s have became rich because of all of US, They could not have been Rich without US and it is Their time to GIVE BACK. Call out Everyone You follow on Twitter that is mega Rich to take complete responsibility to FUND this Flood without Government Help.
JJ Watt
Katy Perry
Barack Obama
Asking Us to donate? First Prove You donated more than one million then I will put in my 10 dollars.

When Someone like Amy Earnhardt who married into 100’s of millions ask Me to donate it makes Me sick. How much did SHE donate? Ask Every hot shot that ask You to donate to prove what They donated. Please reply on EVERY request that You receive from a Celeb or millionaire to SHPW proof of their HUGE donation. We can beat these elitist if We work together.

Escorts in Tourist Cities across America

Escorts in Tourist Cities, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando.

The escort industry in the US is a large and growing service. The actual figures and numbers are shrouded in secrecy given the privacy and discretion which marks the industry. For every legal escort services, there are hundreds of others that are illegally run. The unregistered escort services usually lure in immigrants.Most of them attract the attention of the feds because of their dalliance with money laundering and prostitution rings. Top escort girls make between $600 and $1200 an hour. Some can make as high as $2000 an hour or nearly $30,000 a weekend. A weekend at the CES Show in Las Vegas can bring top dollar to the best Escorts. Las Vegas Escorts advertise they can get to Your room in 20 minutes or less, faster than pizza!

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Where They Advertise.

When an escort works through an agency she will have her photos taken by a professional photographer. The photos are then posted on the agency’s website. Alternatively, the photos can be circulated to the regular clients to promote the agency’s business. The larger escort agencies maintain profiles and galleries of the models on their site. In a typical appointment the agency picks the clients information and links him up with one of their escort girls. Given the rise of social media, some escort girls directly advertise their services through Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. The agency firm usually blocks the access to a client’s profile in the cities and areas where she feels she could be identified or where her family lives.

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How They Go About Their Protection.

The environment around Las Vegas, New York, and Orlando attracts lots of strangers. A fair share of these strangers seeks the services of escort girls. Given the client’s anonymity, the escort girl’s security is paramount. Most agencies protect the identity of the escort girls by arranging the meet up with the client. The escort girl may make the arrangement by herself. Even then she will have to inform the agency about the time and location of the appointment. The escort is usually required to call the agency upon arrival at the location and when she is leaving. How They Stay Motivated. There are many reasons why women join the escort agencies as escort girls. Some do it for fun, others out of curiosity. However many are broke and pretty much want to make an income. Depending on what drove them into the industry their perspectives and motivations will vary. Most of the women in the industry stay in there due to their need for an income. The incomes, the trips and meeting new people present enough challenge but also enough motivation for a fair share of the women. There is no doubt that the industry carries lots of risk for the escorts in terms of personal safety, reputation, and health. The safety issue should not just be lost on the Girls but also the Men.

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How Many Jobs They Can Do In A Day.

Most escort girls see about 2 to 3 clients in a day for five days a week. Sometimes they can shoot for 5 clients in a day which is exhausting. With about 2 clients a week they can make about $2000 once the agency and booker’s fees have been deducted. Those who work from the brothels would see up to 7 clients a night which is taxing and downright dangerous. Most escort girls work with the number of clients the agency is willing to provide. This is especially true when they are beginning and can’t afford essentials like incalls, security and a ready client base.

Do They Look Like Their Picture?

Most of the photos posted on escort agency sites are airbrushed. Some of them use fake pics to lure in clients. Truth be told, most of the girls try to take care of themselves. They may not be stunningly pretty and attractive but neither are they downright ugly. Most agencies simply send the available girl from the list of photos posted in their gallery. Therefore the client has to be flexible about his expectations. The easier way out is to work through the professional sites. They tend to be more credible in who they send.

Are They Safe?

Safety is very key when it comes to clients. That’s why it’s critical that an escort meets with the client in a crowded area. On the other hand, there are escort firms that are simply fronts for criminal activities. Once the escort girl arrives at the client’s home she pulls a gun or a knife and tries to rob the client. Usually, they do it in cooperation with male minders. Given the security considerations, background checks and screening of both clients and escorts is critical for anyone venturing into the industry. It’s often safer to meet in downtown hotels and avoid carrying valuables with you.

Do They Respond To Female Customers?

There are two dimensions when it comes to escort services for women clients. First, there are escort services that provide young males to accompany the female clients. These escort firms run the same way as the escort services for male clients. There are also client services that cater for same-sex women. These escort agencies have lesbians escort girls who provide sensual services to female clients. Most of the women who seek this ‘boyfriend experience’ are in the 35-54 years age range. The surprising reality is that most of these clients end up falling for the escorts. While male clients usually seek the need for sex the female clients want more than a mere sexual encounter.

Do Some Wives Actually Allow This?

The truth of the matter is that most male clients who seek escort services are single, divorced or estranged. Many escort girls report that their clients often seek more than just a sexual encounter. They are looking for companionship. That’s why seeking escort client services is not very different from having emotional relationships outside of their marriage. The wives who know about their partners desire to escort client services disapprove of it. Most of them are often powerless to stop it.
It’s very rare to find a wife who approves of a husband going out with the escort girls. The couples who get into such arrangements do so with a view of having threesomes alongside the escort girl or guy. Some couples have an open relationship as it pertains to sex but not to emotional cheating.

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Ludacris very ignorant about race

Ludacris, Ariana Grande is way more white than black, sorry buddy, She made anti-American comments in the past but She is definitely not black, can You see? Nick Jonas is also way more white than black, sorry buddy, Rihanna is not black either, She is Barbadian, are You going to claim Everyone that isn’t white in Your gang? Dark skin People from other Countries do not share Your raciest attitude toward white Americans, do not try to include them in Your hate.

It’s funny how You claim Ariana Grande in Your group but not George Zimmerman, George and Ariana are neither white or black, One is anti American and one is a killer but do not claim one unless You want them both.

Ludacris is a raciest but there is no uproar about it? Because White, Hispanics and Asians are sitting on Their couch just shaking their heads but not staging protest like blacks would if this was a white Person making these statements.

It is time to quit allowing raciest to host these award shows, grow some balls and stand up for Americans of every color. No white Person would make the statements Ludacris made without being out of work for the rest of their lives, it is time that black People play by the same rules.

Imagine if one White Person celebrated the White Musicians at an award show, what hell they would face.

I actually thought I liked Ludacris but now I know I do not. One thing all these raciest need to remember, who buys Your music? Not Your own People, it is young white People that buy all the music and keep You rolling in money.

Negative Trump ads not working

Crooked Hilary Clinton supporters have launched vicious attack ads against the future POTUS, Donald Trump. She can say She didn’t launch them but She could stop them if She didn’t approve of them. The ads are paid for by the super-pacs but they are clearly Clinton supporters. Trouble for them is the ads are so poorly created that many People just change the channel without even listening to the whole ad. This is something that the stations need to think about, because the other day I flipped off of CNN to go to fox news because of this stupid ad but about 30 minutes later fox was showing the same commercial so I flipped to ABC. Let it be known that I am the average watcher and when I See a stupid or annoying commercial I flip to another channel and sometimes I forget to come back. The more I see of these attacks on Trump, the more I love Him.

The Trump Train is going to reach the White House, but We are making plenty of stops on the way to share the story with all great Americans.

Quit abusing Pete Rose

Pete Rose was once again denied reinstatement in Major League Baseball. This most likely will be the last attempt by the star player. One of the best players of all time will not get into the hall of fame while He is still living. Someone will correct this horrible decision but not soon enough for Pete to see it for Himself. He will never be employed by any MLB team, which might be the harshest part of His punishment because He has a lot to offer.

There is no doubt that He deserved punishment when He was gambling on baseball while still in the sport as a coach. He said He never bet against the Red’s but that isn’t really the point, gambling in general puts You at the mercy of a bookie and being in that position makes it possible for You to alter the outcome of a game. Pete Rose fans have to first admit that He was justly punished at that time so they can move on to do something about this lifetime ban. His punishment is complete, now this is just a personal vendetta between any sitting MLB commissioner and Pete Rose. It doesn’t matter Who is in that position, They all have the same dislike for Pete Rose because of the way Pete lied about His gambling.

The most ridiculous reason for keeping Him out is the fact that Pete admitted He is still gambling. Really? Gambling on sports is legal in Las Vegas where Pete does it so Who’s business is it now? He isn’t coaching anymore, why does it matter if He gambles on MLB or any other sport?

“All I look forward to being some day is a friend of baseball,” Rose said. “I want baseball and Pete Rose to be friends. I want to say I’m not an outsider looking in.”

TMZ Girls outed first to the delight of plenty on The Amazing Race

Update: The fat chicks from TMZ did not show up for the Finale, were they not invited or just didn’t want to be embarrassed once again?

mean girls from tmzThe two most judgmental Girls on Television were on The Amazing race Friday night. Kelly and Shevonne are the TMZ Girls that sit up front near Harvey Levin and make fun of every celebrity in the world. And plenty of those comments are based on body and looks. You have to hand it to them for having the guts to go on a Nationally televised show and get in a bathing suit knowing that they fat shamed so many People over the years. Here they are for Celebrity pay back. It just goes to show that so many mean People have a warped opinion of themselves. The chat rooms were blowing up with mean comments about these two after the show and it is really hard to feel sorry for them. The show ended with Phil walking to them, not them running to Him. I am not sure either of them could run anyway. After being the first to get eliminated from The Amazing Race, TMZ should have let the other staffers make fun of Kelly and Shevonne.  I tuned in on Monday the 28th and Tuesday the 29th, to see if they were going to show Kelly and Shevonne getting booted off the Amazing Race but they never said a word and I guess they never will. But on that Show, Shevonne made a fat joke at Mama June’s expense. Did She not see Herself in the bathing suit yet? If this had been Kim and Khloe, Kelly and Shevonne would have had a field day making fun of them, but not a word about themselves.

On The Amazing Race, the teams had a choice to complete a puzzle or play volleyball, Kelly and Shevonnne first chose to play volleyball but when they could not score a point, they both remembered that they were horrible at volleyball so they went on to do the puzzle. By the time they realized they were also horrible at puzzles (three hours later), all the other teams were long since finished.

Maybe We could get Charlie (also TMZ Staffer) to get on the Amazing race. Charlie is the very hot valley Girl that Kelly and Shevonne are very jealous of. Everything Charlie says, Kelly and Shevonne make fun of. The whole staff also made fun of Max, one of the most popular TMZ staffers in history. Chat rooms are calling for a team of Charlie and Max on the next amazing race but it is doubtful that The Amazing race will give TMZ a second chance after this poor showing.
Really, any other pair from the Show would have done better.

Who is Charlie? The very hot blonde from TMZ, the one all the girls are jealous of.

Who is Max? Max used to work at TMZ, I heard He returned but left again. To remind You Who He is, check Him out in this video below: (He might have been partying a little before this interview).

Kylie Jenner turns 18, post sexy pictures

Although Kylie took these pictures when She was 17, She is now 18 and decided that the time was right to post them. She is legal in Every State to pose nude, have sex without age limits and Vote. Which will She do first? How about a leaked sex tape? How much would it bring? More than big half Sister, Kim? Kylie has the best body of the Kardashian/Jenner clan so She could probably leak one sex tape and never work again. Not that Her work is really work but She could retire from doing nothing. Which Sister does nothing the best? Or is it Rob that does nothing best? He is still getting paid and does not appear on the Show, sweet deal.

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K Y L I E by @sashasamsonova

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I spy Norman. Can u find him? Lol.

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Kourt & Ky swim session

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You're my darling angel babyyyyy

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Good Riddance Jon Stewart

Good Riddance Jon Stewart, You were never funny and would have never made it on a real network. Your material was full of lies and misinformation. Even when People agreed with Your rants they were embarrassed by You.

Kelly Osbourne foot in mouth blunder

Kelly Osbourne has been called raciest by 100’s of People after messing up badly on the View. She was trying to take a crack at Donald Trump and said “If We got rid of all the Latino’s, Who would clean Trump’s toilet?”
It was a typical liberal take on Donald Trump’s comments about illegal immigrants. The key word of course is Illegal not just immigrants. Liberals are trying make it sound like Trump denounced all immigrants, which He never did. Osourne’s intent to make Trump sound like a raciest flipped on Her when She made it sound like Hispanics only are good for doing jobs that American’s do not want to do.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce no surprise

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce came as no surprise to Me. according to TMZ, Blake has suspected Miranda was cheating for months. We’re told Blake heard rumors Miranda had hooked up with country singer Chris Young and thought it was believable enough to make him suspicious of her. Turns out that He thought She was cheating with a second Country Singer also.

Why is this not a surprise? When a Woman loses weight the way that Miranda did, WATCH OUT! She was losing weight because She was cheating and wanted to look good for Her new Man or She was losing weight because She was unhappy and wanted attention from other Men.

Attention Men, if Your wife suddenly starts losing weight, wants a tit job, face lift, lipo suction or goes on an exercise rampage, She is most likely not doing it for You. The part You will play is You will pay for the surgery, the gym membership, and the new clothes, then You can step aside. Once a Woman feels unappreciated, She is jelly to any Man that will give Her attention. The first time I saw Miranda Lambert’s video “Little red wagon”, I said, that marriage is over. The video shows a Woman that wants to show the world She is more than Someone’s wife, She is Her own Woman and She wants all Men to want Her. Once a Women gets to that place, it’s all down hill.