Negative Trump ads not working

Crooked Hilary Clinton supporters have launched vicious attack ads against the future POTUS, Donald Trump. She can say She didn’t launch them but She could stop them if She didn’t approve of them. The ads are paid for by the super-pacs but they are clearly Clinton supporters. Trouble for them is the ads are so poorly created that many People just change the channel without even listening to the whole ad. This is something that the stations need to think about, because the other day I flipped off of CNN to go to fox news because of this stupid ad but about 30 minutes later fox was showing the same commercial so I flipped to ABC. Let it be known that I am the average watcher and when I See a stupid or annoying commercial I flip to another channel and sometimes I forget to come back. The more I see of these attacks on Trump, the more I love Him.

The Trump Train is going to reach the White House, but We are making plenty of stops on the way to share the story with all great Americans.

Megan Kelly loser, Donald Trump winner in Fox Debate

Megan Kelly was a big loser, Donald Trump was a big winner in Fox Debate. At first it was uncertain what People really thought of Megan Kelly but as People went to work and got on social media it is clear that Her performance was career damaging in the short term and maybe even in the long run. It should be an extreme embarrassment to Fox News as well. Many are calling for Her dismissal but Fox most likely will stand by Her since they might be behind the absurd questions She asked Donald Trump and others.

Many are calling for a boycott to Megan Kelly’s Show

Who do You trust to run America?

Who do You trust to run America? It is a question that Everyone will have the chance to answer this year and next. A very large group of Republicans will fight for the chance to run against Hillary Clinton to run this Country, Yes, She has some competition but there is no reason to even give that any consideration. The Republican field is definitely going to tighten up before a candidate can be decided.

The U.S. Government is the biggest business in the world yet People decide on Who will run it based on How They like that Person, not how They think that Person could run the “Business”. The business is in very bad shape, worse than broke, way worse. Yet, the business that is broke is still loaning money to other Countries and handing out money like it was in great shape, like it was making a profit. Have You ever compared a U.S. Government agency to a Private business of the same size performing the same function? A good example is a government prison that losses millions of dollars vs a privately run prison that actually saves the government money even after the private company makes a very nice profit. Or the Veterans hospital vs a private hospital. The care is much better at the private hospital for much less operating cost.

It is time to hire the top CEO available to get America out of bankruptcy. Yes, Bankruptcy, if the Government was treated like a business it would be officially bankrupt. What CEO in America could fix this? What CEO would waste hundreds of millions of His own money to run for President? Who would give up the earning potential of at least one billion dollars during just one term as President?

Who would You pick to run Your Personal business? Your family business? One that is in trouble, was once great but is now floundering on the verge of collapse?

Forget about the tech guys like The creator of Facebook or twitter, they both did a horrible job running their companies, they both had to let others run it. They both had great ideas but had no idea how to run a company. The People that can run a Country are tough negotiators and know what People to put in position to make sure every segment is profitable. Who would You pick on this list:

  • Bill Gates
  • Warren Buffet
  • Marcus Lemonis
  • Donald Trump
  • Lori Greiner
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Larry Ellison
  • Mark Cuban
  • Kevin O’Leary
  • Christy Walton

It would be a very difficult decision to pick one Person from the list above. I think any of them could turn America around but the problem is there is only ONE on the list that has volunteered to do so. He isn’t the most likable on the list but if You are going to pick Someone to run Your Company do You want them to save Your company or be likable? Remember, Your pick is to save Your company not America, the Person would be saving Your future not Anyone else’s. Once You make that decision, make the same decision for Your Country.

donald trump standing in front of the white house saying i have big plans for this place

Uber ignoring warnings from Key West officials, continues operations

[soliloquy slug=”2036″]

Key West only has 59 licensed Taxis on the whole Island. It isn’t a big place so 59 taxi’s can easily handle the volume even during fantasy fest or any freak shows held there annually. The licenses have past through the hands of generations and those that own them thought of them as their guaranteed future. Uber is advertising for more and more drivers even though they are told their drivers will be arrested. It will only take one arrest to make all the Uber drivers quit taking calls. So the question is, do the local officials really want to make arrest or are they just appeasing the taxi drivers? It seems that this is not the only city in America where this is happening. Plenty of Cities have told Uber to leave town but they continue to operate.

update The police arrested ONE Uber driver and charged Him with two violations. He could face 30 days in jail and up to 500 dollars in fines. Uber immediately put their tails between their legs and shut down operations. ANY city that really wants Uber out only has to make one arrest, once that arrest is public, drivers will not work, in this case it was Uber that shut the app off and ran.

see: Uber under assault around the world

Harry Reid, Senate Democrat from Nevada, agrees with Donald Trump

Today in a speech Harry Reid stated some facts that were shocking to hear, most of which is exactly what Donald Trump has been talking about. The difference is the democratic media will not dismiss one of their own like Harry Reid. The same things that Donald Trump has been saying but He has been referred to as raciest. It should be noted that Harry Reid is not running for re-election and His stance on immigration is not inline with Obama’s or Hillary Clinton’s.

According to Harry Reid, 67 percent of babies born in LA County in 2014 were by illegal immigrants. Those babies now have US Citizen rights the same as an American that was born and raised in America or enter through legal channels. The United States does not have the money to take care of legal residents much less illegal ones. America is broke! People need to realize We cannot take care of the World anymore. We are in fact way worse than broke, if We were just broke it would be a vast improvement.

Harry Reid went on to say that 26 percent of all incarcerated Persons in the United States are not U.S. citizens. That is a tremendous amount of crimes, such as burgarly, rape and murder that could have been prevented if immigration was under control. Do You want to be a victim of one of these crimes? How about someone in Your family?

For every 7 illegals that sneak into the United States, one U.S. tax paying citizen will lose His/her job. Do You want that one to be You or someone in Your family?

We do not need criminals of any color or nationality to enter this Country, the vast majority of the criminals that enter this Country are doing so illegally. Those that enter America illegally are committing crimes at up to 30 times more than those that enter legally.

The immigration issue is not about Americans vs Mexicans, it is about Americans that include legal Mexicans and many other nationalities coming together to make a good plan to keep criminals out. Legal Mexicans do not benefit from illegals coming to this Country anymore than white, black or Asians do. Illegals take away from all Americans and threaten all of Us with crime and expense. Do You want Your social security? Most People do but if the rate of illegal immigration continues one of the things that must go in the future will be programs like social security. Illegal immigrants are bogging down all government systems, systems that now cannot help law abiding legal Citizens.

President Barack Obama Insane, Doctors Say so according to the Globe

The first Amendment gives the Globe the right to print this story. We also get to find out that Joe Biden is a serial Groper. The second story is probably a lot more true than the first, after all We get to see it on a weekly basis. It isn’t often but I bet that President Obama wishes He had Kim Jong-un’s power over the press.

Brian Williams isn’t the first to shame the news profession, Who can We trust?

In the wake of the Brain Williams lies, many other News People are being investigate to see Who else lied. Who will be left when they all start to fall? If I suggested that Steve Kroft is the most trustworthy You would have believed it until it came out that He was sexting and had a possible affair with a whore.

Who can We trust, is it Someone from this list?
David Muir ABC
George Stephanopoulos ABC
Scott Pelley CBS
Anderson Cooper CNN
Barbara Walters ABC
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fox news
Megyn Kelly Fox news

Didn’t We all think that Elizabeth Vargas was the most trustworthy newscaster on TV? Someone that You would let drive Your kids to soccer practice, right? Turns out She was drunk on many of Her ABC news assignments. In the video below She is trying to admit that but Barbara would not let Her. Barbara wanted to be sure that Vargas was aware that She was fooling No One. So if they all knew, why wasn’t She fired?

Restless and Clueless Jon Stewart finally steps down from hosting worst show in history

His show had gotten so political it was impossible to watch. We tuned in for comedy and it turned into 90 percent politics and all far left based. This guy was the ultimate Douchebag! Preying on weak minded People on a daily show doesn’t make for good television.

Well, there goes the Gay Vote for Mike Huckabee

Most politicians have been smart enough to leave the gay issue alone lately. There is no other issue as in Your face as Gay marriage. You have to be really stupid or really brave to even mention the subject anymore. Mike Huckabee is one or the other, You be the judge. Can He make a run at the Presidency? It would be a joke if He did. Even the ones that truly believe that gay life is sin have to keep it to themselves these days.

He also called homosexuality part of a lifestyle, like drinking and swearing.

The former Arkansas governor, winner of the 2008 Iowa caucuses and likely 2016 contender’s comments came during an appearance Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” as he defended an excerpt from his new book in which he says he has friends and associates who are gay.


Dear North Korea Citizens and President Kim Jong-un

As an American Citizen I am very embarrassed that We had fellow American Citizens that made the movie “The Interview”. I can assure You that the vast majority of Americans found this movie inappropriate, immature and insulting. No One should ever make a joke about killing Someone, anyway or anyhow. We know that if Someone from North Korea made a movie about killing a U.S. President there would be worldwide outrage and the same should be for any other Person or President.

I do support the hacking that was done to Sony, Whoever wants to take credit for it. Killing a Person is not funny but hacking the Company that supported it is very funny.

Please understand that this movie was made by idiots and does not represent the American point of view. This movie will never show in a movie theater but if it did it would  fail horrifically.

Please accept this apology that is shared with 100’s of millions of People around the World.

Those that support this should boycott Sony pictures and all the actors and writers associated with this movie.