What will happen in a Biden Presidency?

UPDATED March 2021

Remember when the media blasted Trump for issuing a few Executive Orders? Remember when Biden said you cannot Govern that way? He said it would mean He would be a dictator. Well, He has turned into a dictator.

Bernie Sanders will try to take control from Biden but insiders in Biden’s camp say that will not happen. Sanders says Biden will be the most progressive President in history and that will assure us He will be a one-term lame duck.

How often did we see Obama? Hardly ever, not because of his heavy smoking habit but because that was pretty much the norm, We didn’t see George Bush all that often either. We will see Biden about the same amount as previous Presidents, only Trump was seen almost daily.

No more mean tweets

We will not longer be entertained or annoyed by tweets all hours of the day. No more nicknames from the POTUS, that might be a good thing. The biggest reason we will no longer see that is No One will work the hours that President Trump did, No One ever has.

No change in Covid 19 procedures

Some People voted for Joe because of his Covid 19 plan but these were very uninformed voters that didn’t realize he was laying out the exact same procedures that were already in place. The biggest mistake of Trump’s Covid 19 plan was to be the center of it. Even though Trump followed all the advice of the experts he just had to be the frontman, He wanted all the credit for every single little victory but the liberal media gave him all the blame for the deaths. All he had to do is let Dr. Fauci make the rules and back him up, all the deaths would be blamed on the CDC instead of him.

Trump is a horrible politician

Bill Clinton is probably the best politician in the modern era, a disgraced President that still is extremely popular is proof of that. Biden is a far superior politician to Trump because that is all he has ever done. Being the worst politician in the history of the presidency is what ultimately did Trump in. It was the reason he was voted in and the reason he was voted out. Trump constantly burned bridges for no reason, when you fire someone there is no need to call them names on their way out. Being a politician means you NEVER burn bridges no matter how much you hate a person. Being a great politician is certainly not a compliment but you have to at least be a decent one to succeed in Washington and Trump refused to change. Good for Donald Trump for sticking to his principles and I hope he makes billions in the immediate future.

Environmental Downside of Cannabis Cultivation (growing Marijuana)

It is almost funny to hear all the mostly left-wing wacko’s that are supporting the Green New Deal are also pushing for the legalization of recreational marijuana. There are few things that are worse for the environment than growing tobacco and marijuana (cannabis, hemp). You cannot grow tobacco or marijuana without stripping the trees first. Deforestation is something every environmental scientist agree is the very worst thing affecting the environment.

Marijuana farming hurts environment, new study finds

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Oct 31, 2017 – Without land-use policies to limit its environmental footprint, the impacts of cannabis farming could get worse, according to a new study …

The Environmental Downside of Cannabis Cultivation

https://daily.jstor.org › the-environmental-downside-of-cannabis-cultivationJun 18, 2019 – Wide-scale cannabis cultivation is causing environmental damage. … chronic pain, and the side effects of cancer treatments, topped $12 billion worldwide in 2018, … Rodenticide wired to a snap-trap beneath marijuana plants.

We must study marijuana’s impact on the environment before

https://www.theguardian.com › commentisfree › dec › canada-marijuana-l…
Dec 4, 2018 – The focus on human health with Canada’s legalization has highlighted the lack of discussion on the potential effects of on freshwater supplies.

Everything you need to know about pot’s environmental impact

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Apr 19, 2016 – Americans smoke a lot of weed. It’s a little tricky to get a handle on the actual numbers — there’s that whole “illegal” thing in a lot of places ..

We Must Study Marijuana’s Impact on the Environment … – IISD

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Dec 7, 2018 – We Must Study Marijuana’s Impact on the Environment Before It’s Too … discussion on the potential impact of cannabis on the environment, and …

Marijuana: An environmental buzzkill | DiscoverMagazine.com

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Marijuana: An environmental buzzkill. Illegal pot growers have turned public lands into industrial agricultural sites. And the ecosystem effects are alarming.

Pensacola Bay 3 mile bridge damage from construction barges during hurricane Sally

 In February 2020, construction of the new bridge was complete with only the pedestrian portion to be completed with the old bridge being dismantled to make way for the parallel bridge to begin construction. However, just months later during Hurricane Sally on September 15-16, 2020, a barge got stuck under the bridge before a crane fell onto one span of the bridge; this knocked almost the entire span into Pensacola Bay, rendering the bridge completely unusable

The bridge was also knocked out for months in 1989 by a barge that hit a piling doing enough damage to render it unsafe for passage. At that time ferry boats were used to transport vehicles and People across the bay but the majority of the traffic was diverted to I-10 to Garcon Point which made the normal 15 minute trip from Downtown Pensacola to Gulf Breeze close to one hour.

Class action lawsuit

As with any major disaster You might expect lawsuits to be filed. One of the first to go after the barge owner is the law group, Levin Papantonio as reported by WEARTV

hurricane sally videos

Hurricane Sally hits Pensacola

Rumble, the New video platform to replace YouTube?

Rumble.com is a new video platform that many are now using because of what they consider YouTube’s unfair censorship. I found it a little amusing that there are google adsense on this platform which is of course owned by google which owns Youtube so I think that if google wants to censor content they will still do so by not allowing the posting to continue to earn money if it does not meet their criteria.

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Myths and Lies about Legalizing Marijuana

We can get all the stoners to pay taxes on Pot that they are already smoking.
Not true, the real daily pot smokers are still buying from their local drug dealer. The local drug dealer can give them a better deal because He is not paying tax and not marking his supply up.

High paying local Jobs will be created.
Not true, the local jobs for People that work in the dispensaries are low paying and are small in number.

Legalizing Marijuana will decrease crime.
Not true, everywhere that has legalized marijuana has seen an increase in crime.

Legalizing Marijuana will lead to an increase in traffic accidents and fatalities. This is true, Every City that has legalized Marijuana has seen an increase in accidents caused by DUI’s. Las Vegas has seen a 30 percent increase in fatal accidents by impaired drivers.

Enforcement of Marijuana laws will be strictly enforced. This is not true, even though everywhere Marijuana has been legalized smoking it in public is prohibited but not enforced. In Denver, Portland, San Francisco and Las Vegas, You can see People openly smoking Marijuana without fear of being fined or arrested.

Legalizing Marijuana will lead to more drug use. Even though the same People are smoking Marijuana now that were smoking it before there is an increase in the amount they smoke. It is a fact that Marijuana leads to other drug use and that has increased the OPEN use of all drugs. The fact that law enforcement is not enforcing the public use of Pot smoking leads drug users to think that all drug use will be treated the same and this is mostly accurate.

They say marijuana doesn’t kill anyone. We wish that were true. These are our stories.

There are idiots at marijuana dispensaries that are selling the drug to pregnant women to ease the pain of morning sickness.

Increase funding for the Police

Defund the Police? No, increase funding for the Police makes more sense. The people that want to defund the Police are ones that have family members that are frequently breaking the law and they are tired of bailing them out. No upstanding American wants to lose the protection from the police, that would be total lunacy. Use more money for better training and more transparency. No officer should ever be by themselves on patrol, in fact, use the extra money to make sure they start to work in groups of four and at least one of those officers needs to be black. Training should make it so that even a first-day officer must stop another officer from implementing excessive force. Each officer must have a body cam that would give at least four vantage points to investigate and even more if they are traveling by car. The car should have a front and back camera running at all times. All communities should have cameras covering all busy areas of their City.

Cameras stop crime

It is a fact that cameras stop crime, it is a criminal’s biggest fear to be caught on camera. In Las Vegas during special events, Clark county uses portable camera trailers to monitor and record activity. Those should be permanent and should cover all the high crime areas. This cost can easily be offset by allowing local businesses to maintain the camera trailer, similar to how they clean a section of the highway. The business could have their advertising on the camera trailer.