Feminists Experience Equality. They Don’t Like It. | Ep. 760

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we have moved one step close to signing women up for the draft. Yet the people who have clamored for gender equality aren’t celebrating the news. I wonder why? Also we have our Five Headlines, including Nancy Pelosi once again declaring herself a “devout catholic” in spite of her rabid defense of child murder. And the mayor of DC outlaws flavored tobacco, but will still be ready to throw any cop who tries to enforce the law under the bus. Hunter Biden gets ready to sell some of his art for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’ll take a look at his masterpieces today. And the team formerly known as the Cleveland Indians has chosen a new name. But will people find a way to be offended by it? We’ll talk about all of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show.

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