First They Came For Lee, Now They Come For Lincoln | Ep. 623

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, now they are coming for Abraham Lincoln. After Thomas Jefferson’s name was taken off of a school in Virginia last week, now Abraham Lincoln High School in California is getting a name change. The purge of our history continues, and it began with the attack on confederate statues. Lots of people who went along with that are now appalled by the results of their own actions. Also Five Headlines including news from a doctor on MSNBC that even if you get a vaccine, you still can’t travel or live your normal life. And a famous evangelist claims that “Trumpism” is the greatest threat facing the church.

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00:00 — Opening
02:16 — First They Came For Lee, Now They Come For Lincoln
13:17 — Pete Buttigieg Isn’t The First Openly Gay Cabinet Member
15:26 — Vaccines Are Now Being Administered
18:41 — Mask Shamer In Short Shorts Yells At A Stranger Over Not Wearing A Mask
21:23 — Tom Cruise Secretly Recorded
24:29 — NYT Lengthy Article About Jeffrey Toobin
26:43 — Dancing Nurses Are Back
28:28 — Beth Moore’s Comments On “Trumpism”
35:21 — Transgender Activist Zinnia Jones Is Cancelled

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