Fleeing Taliban Runs For Cover As US Sends Sternly Worded Letters | Ep. 778

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, already the clamoring has begun to accept thousands of Afghan refugees. Meanwhile, our own people — thousands of them — are still trapped in Afghanistan, and the Biden Administration is not guaranteeing that all will be rescued. This is another example of what an America Last policy looks like. Also, a top vaccine official in Tennessee said that she was mailed a dog muzzle as a threat from anti-vaxxers. You’ll never guess who really sent it. Meanwhile, New Zealand goes into full lockdown over one COVID case. Just one. And Australia has now instructed its people that they must not drink outside without a mask. And, the biggest news of all, Carrie Underwood has sparked controversy by liking one of my tweets. This headline-making news has caused lots of distress to lots of people, and it is all quite hilarious. 

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