For Leftist Elites, Hypocrisy Is The Point | Ep. 769

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00:00 Opening
02:12 For Leftist Elites, Hypocrisy Is The Point
16:51 Matt Thanks His Fans For Their Support On His Journey To Buy A Dog
18:14 Jen Psaki Justifies Biden’s Decision To Extend the Eviction Moratorium Illegally
21:19 Asa Hutchinson Says He Regrets Banning Mask Mandates
25:53 Ron DeSantis Tells Joe Biden To Do His Job
32:58 Meghan Markle Offers To Help Mentor Women Back Into The Workforce
34:33 BBC Interviews Sport Scientist About Men Entering Women’s Sports
38:56 Reading The Comments
45:33 Chris Chan and Company Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, squad member Cori Bush gives a shockingly honest answer when asked why she uses private security even as she calls for defunding the police. You should hear this, and we’ll play it today and talk about the lessons we might learn from it. Also, CNN runs a story that unintentionally reveals the psychological abuse that some COVID-panicked parents are subjecting their children to. It’s worse than you think. And Ron DeSantis again proves why he should be the 2024 frontrunner. Plus, in our Daily Cancellation, we have a story about a trans YouTuber named Chris Chan that is so outrageous that if I summarized it right now, you’d think I was making it up. 

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