If You’re Scared, Stay Home. I’ll Be Out Here Living My Life | Ep. 781

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as we have seen for many months now, many people in this country and across the west are eager to give up their basic rights and liberties for fear of COVID. They insist that we should all live in the same way, fearful and oppressed. But I have a different solution, which I will suggest today. Also, President Biden warns those in the path of Tropical Storm Henri that they must remember to wear their masks when the storm hits. And the media claims there is a “Rising trend” of anti-mask parents physically assaulting teachers. The trend doesn’t exist. They’re making it up. We’ll look at the facts today. And finally, the cancel mob has taken a special interest in the hunt for a new host of Jeopardy. Why do they care so much?

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