It’s Time For Me To Go To Another School Board Meeting | Ep. 797

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00:00 – Opening
00:42 – It’s Time For Me To Go To Another School Board Meeting
12:00 – AOC’s Fans Attempt To Defend Her Attendance At The Gala
15:13 – Gavin Newsom’s Recall Effort Fails
23:58 – Norm Macdonald Passes Away After Secret Battle With Cancer
28:54 – Jimmy Kimmel Makes Fun Of Every COVID Death In Florida
33:39 – New Book Releases About General Milley’s Secret Phone Calls With A Chinese Official
37:41 – Scientists Reveal “It’s What You Eat, Not Just How Much You Eat” That Causes Obesity
39:54 – Reading The Comments
49:06 – Delusional TikTokker Josh Thompson Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, I have found the next school board that I will be visiting, but I’m not going alone this time. I’ll tell you all about that today. Also, the recall of Governor Newsom in California fails miserably. What can we as conservatives learn from that, if anything? Plus, I have a few thoughts on the tragic death of Norm Macdonald. And what about the story of General Milley going directly to the Chinese government to circumvent Trump? Isn’t that treason? Finally, in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll deal with this question: is it white supremacy to tell kids in school to be quiet and behave? One teacher thinks so. We’ll talk about that today and much more on the Matt Walsh Show. 

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