Leftists Weep And Wail Because Fewer Babies Will Die In Texas | Ep. 788

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, our good friend Kristi Noem wrote an op-ed explaining what she thinks conservatism means, and what conservatives should stand for. Her ideas in this regard are pretty standard for Republicans. They’re also wrong. I’ll explain. Also, Five Headlines including the Texas abortion bill effectively banning most abortions in the state went into effect this morning. It’s is a wonderful moment and significant progress in the right direction. But Leftists, as you can imagine, are quite upset that fewer babies will be dying. Plus, Joe Biden gives another address to the nation to defend his catastrophic failures in Afghanistan. Every time he tries to defend himself, he just looks worse. And the LA Unified School district sent out its COVID guidelines for the school year, and they’re as deranged as you might expect. Maybe even a little more than you expected.
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