Public Health Experts Push For Racial Eugenics | Ep. 625

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, public health experts are suggesting that we should give out the vaccine based on race. They are advocating openly for racial eugenics. Also Five Headlines including a major spike in cases in LA county. But if the lockdowns work, why would this be happening in one of the places in the country with the strictest lockdown policies? And in our Daily Cancellation, I will respond to the people who are angry at me for daring to suggest that it’s not good to be a prostitute.

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00:00 — Opening
02:28 — Public Health Experts Push For Racial Eugenics
13:58 — SoCal ICU Capacity At 0%
16:44 — Media Blames Trump For Covid Deaths
19:21 — Younger People Dying At A Higher Rate, But Why?
21:43 — Customers Banned From Using Restaurant Bathrooms In NYC
24:21 — Joe Exotic Is Suing The Justice Department
25:41 — Shopping Cart Travesty
31:37 — Defending Sex Work As Work Is Canceled

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