Save Your Kids. Get Them Out Of The Public School System | Ep. 770

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as we head into another school year, with our kids subjected to mask mandates on top of the usual leftist indoctrination, we need to ask one question: is it possible to save the school system, or is it time to simply abandon it? Also, CNN starts firing employees who don’t get the vaccine. A Gallup poll finds that no Hispanic person actually wants to be called Latinx. A journalist fires a so-called “assault rifle” for the first time, and his reaction is hilarious. The medal winning women’s olympic weightlifters are asked about the male who competed against them, and their response tells you everything you need to know. And in our daily cancellation, we’ll have the story of a Hollywood actress who says she is expressing her love for her husband by divorcing him. 

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