The Empty People | Ep. 762

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00:00 Opening
00:44 The Empty People
13:47 New Walsh Family Pet
16:45 Dems Launch Another “Investigation” Into January 6th
19:44 California State & Healthcare Workers Must Be Vaccinated
24:05 PayPal Partnering With ADL Against Hate Groups
31:05 John Oliver Supports Reparations
36:33 Americans Are Divided On Transgender Athletes
41:21 Reading the Comments
48:28 Rob Rousseau Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we are witnessing an infinite expansion of gender and sexuality identities, though all of the new identities seem to be repetitions of each other. Why is this happening? Where is it coming from? I have a theory. Also Five Headlines. Democrats begin their latest “investigation” into the events of January 6th. California introduces vaccine mandates. John Oliver pushes reparations. And new polls show that most Americans don’t think men should compete against women in women’s sports. And yet that’s exactly what’s happening. Why?

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