Wear The Mask Forever, You Peasants | Ep. 764

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00:00 Opening
00:43 Wear The Mask Forever, You Peasants
13:46 Inspirational Home Decor
15:57 Capitol Police Continue Their Media Tour
23:31 Former Planned Parenthood President Shocked To Learn They Prioritize Abortion
31:31 Gender Theory Has Infiltrated Medical School
37:47 Cleveland Guardians New Commercial
39:58 Reading The Comments
46:53 The Walsh Rage Mob Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the mask mandates are returning and you aren’t allowed to question it. This is how “science” works now. Namely, like religious dogma. Also we have our five headlines including the Capitol officers continuing their media tour, a former president of Planned Parenthood says she was shocked to discover that Planned Parenthood only cares about abortion, and gender theory begins to make in roads into medical school. In our Daily Cancellation, I will respond to the outraged masses that have been trying to cancel me over the past two days. All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show. 

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