What will happen in a Biden Presidency?


It will be similar to Obama’s 8 years of nothing. The only thing the Obama Presidency did was work on Obamacare and finally passing it. Biden wants to raise taxes, take away your guns and reinstate Obamacare. None of that will happen because He doesn’t have the Senate votes to pass any laws. Trump’s tax cuts will remain intact and Biden will get credit for a booming economy by doing NOTHING to it.

Bernie Sanders will try to take control from Biden but insiders in Biden’s camp says that will not happen. Sanders says Biden will be the most progressive President in history but without the Senate votes He will be a one term lame duck.

How often did we see Obama? Hardly ever, not because of his heavy smoking habit but because that was pretty much the norm, We didn’t see George Bush all that often either. We will see Biden about the same amount as previous Presidents, only Trump was seen almost daily.

No more mean tweets

We will not longer be entertained or annoyed by tweets all hours of the day. No more nicknames from the POTUS, that might be a good thing. The biggest reason we will no longer see that is No One will work the hours that President Trump did, No One ever has.

No change in Covid 19 procedures

Some People voted for Joe because of his Covid 19 plan but these were very uninformed voters that didn’t realize he was laying out the exact same procedures that were already in place. The biggest mistake of Trump’s Covid 19 plan was to be the center of it. Even though Trump followed all the advice of the experts he just had to be the frontman, He wanted all the credit for every single little victory but the liberal media gave him all the blame for the deaths. All he had to do is let Dr. Fauci make the rules and back him up, all the deaths would be blamed on the CDC instead of him.

Trump is a horrible politician

Bill Clinton is probably the best politician in the modern era, a disgraced President that still is extremely popular is proof of that. Biden is a far superior politician than Trump because that is all he has ever done. Being the worst politician in the history of the presidency is what ultimately did Trump in. It was the reason he was voted in and the reason he was voted out. Trump constantly burned bridges for no reason, when you fire someone there is no need to call them names on their way out. Being a politician means you NEVER burn bridges no matter how much you hate a person. Being a great politician is certainly not a compliment but you have to at least be a decent one to succeed in Washington and Trump refused to change. Good for Donald Trump for sticking to his principles and I hope he makes billions in the immediate future.

Trump is not conceding Election